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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thy Loyal Children We Will Be

It's official. I am an alumni of the University of Cincinnati. An alumni? Where did the past four years go?

Today was a really hard day for me. While my classmates put on their caps and gowns, I was in Nashville far away from the celebration.  I spent a lot of time on facebook and the UC website trying to get a glimpse of the graduation festivities. The truth is I could have gone back if I wanted to. I could have gone back, and as much as it hurt to stay, I do not at all regret my decision.

I don't need a ceremony to celebrate my degree. I am living it. Right now I am showing the world what it means to be Proudly Cincinnati. Today, instead of celebrating my own success I was painting a new school STEM prep. This brand new school will very soon be the home to middle school students and the curriculum and culture of the school will be to introduce and reinforce the idea of going to college among students. Someday, the students at this school will be able to walk across a stage to receive a college diploma. Believing that I am a part of helping to get these students there (be it a VERY VERY VERY small part) is almost as good, if not better, as celebrating my own graduation. 

My "Senior" Picture with my Honors Medal

It was heartbreaking to leave UC before the very end of my senior year, but it was a great test of my school spirit. I can guarantee you I lived up to the test. I am pretty sure everyone here is sick of hearing about UC, but I can't help sharing the accomplishments and special qualities of my school. School pride is a big deal here and I could not be happier to show my Bearcat Pride. I have been singing this one in my head all day...

O Cincinnati, magic name, I proudly to the world proclaim;
No sweeter word ever charmed my ear,
None to my heart was ever so dear,
A fountain of eternal youth, a tower of strength, a rock of truth.

Oh varsity, dear varsity, thy loyal children we will be,
Thy loyal, loyal children we will be.

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