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Welcome to my blog! I use my blog as a way to reflect, share, organize, and re-conceptualize my views as an educator. Enjoy and feel free to comment, post, disagree, and share your opinion. The more perspectives, the better!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February Challenge Post 2: Animal Racism

My kids are LOVING black history month and I am LOVING teaching about it. We have been studying black history month mostly through literature. This means more read alouds! My kids have started to  ask more questions about slavery and segregation. Here is an awesome one from today...

"Miss Prinzo, Are animals racist?"

You have to love inquiring minds.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Challenge Post 1: What does a day in my life look like?

Instead of creating a New Year's Resolution this year I decided to take on a series of 30 day challenges. My January challenge was to get healthy by eating better and exercising more. I didn't actually exercise and eat perfectly for 30 days, but I did make a conscious effort to make healthy living an important part of my life again. I am to the point that I am ready for my 2nd 30 day challenge. I want to get back into the habit of blogging again. 

My goal is to write at least 30 posts between now and March 4. I have a list of about 15 professional posts I want to write, and then the rest will be stories and reflections about teaching. During these 30 posts I am going to ask the grammar-fairy for forgiveness in advance. My goal is to get the words out fast, make writing a habit, and not get caught up in editing along the way.

So here we go, post 1...

What does a school day look like?

A lot of people have asked me about what a typical day looks like. This question comes up the most when people ask how/ why I spend so much time working. I am going to attempt to outline my day for you..

5:30- Hit the snooze button.
5:35-Hit the snooze button.
5:40-Hit the snooze button.
5:45-Hit the snooze button.
5:50- Drag myself out of bed, get dressed, make lunch, pack up
6:20- Head to school.
6:30- Monday morning treat...Krispy Kreme! Doughnuts and coffee were a much needed morning treat.
6:45- Arrive at school and realize I forgot to turn the heat on in my classroom. Check my email, update my objectives board, clean my desk a little
6:55- Head to the work room to copy guided reading materials, make a copy order
7:30- Organize papers and materials needed for the day, open guided powerpoints, project/ pass out morning work.
7:45- bell rings, morning frenzy (greet students, check folders, help students with previous nights homework, check/ help edit Royal Friendship letters)
8:00- Announcements
8:15- Clean up math centers, begin morning math block
9:05- planning, yes! More copies, explain needs to parent volunteer in English and  broken Spanish, copy materials for Tuesday reading content lesson (yay differentiation), verify gradebook, holy shi** planning is over already?
10:05- pick up students from specials, find out one student threw up and need to call home
10:10- switch with teacher across the hall for differentiated word study. 3 groups, 3 sort introductions, 3 tests (still can't get ahold of sick student's mom...try dad. Dad speaks very little English....tells me to call mom...)
10:40- Morning meeting, Taboo game (post about Taboo )
10:50- Make up reading assessment from Snow day; read to low ELs
11:30- Extra time??? Start Social Studies early. Read-aloud of an African American Folk tale.
12:00- Stamina reading time for student; pull Exceptional Ed student to work on reading.
12:20- Indoor recess..."pay" 5 kids in Cubs Cash as helpers, monitor students, explain that people can be friends even if they do not always play together.
12:35- restroom break
12:41- lunch; eat with table winners
1:11- pick up students, restroom break
1:15- afternoon math block
2:00- Social Studies block (yes! I actually got to Social Studies today!)
2:40- pack up and dismissal
3:05- Say goodbye to last student and check email
3:15- Regie Routman professional development (oops...totally forgot to prepare for this one...)
4:30-5:30-bitch about Regie with a co-worker,collect/organize work turned in today (7 different assignments)
5:30-5:45- pack up/ quick clean up
6:10-7:30- cheer on Lead Academy girls basketball (My roommate coaches...it is their last homegame)
7:45- get home, make dinner, eat, chat with roommates,
9:00-10:15- grade math test given today, they HAVE to be graded tonight so I can do test corrections tomorrow. Finish my wine and decide that the stack of 6 other assignments will have to go on the "to do list" for tomorrow (or let's be honest sometime in the next week...)
10:15- decide my shower can wait, get in bed, check email, respond to a few emails, realize that my self-blogging challenge is already 4 days behind schedule.
11:`5 finish blog post, set alarm, get ready to start all over again.

And there you have it, my day outlined. It is kind of crazy how much more aware of time I am since I started teaching. It is almost obsessive, but 100% necessary. My days during the week are super routine, but thanks to my students, can be totally different. I easily make over 1000 decisions each day and finish each day feeling like I have just finished spinning in circles as fast as I can. I usually add more to my "to do list" than take things off.  Some days I love it, and some days I hate it. Love it, or hate it, I  am grateful for the experience. I am grateful to get to live with my wonderful roomates. I am grateful to have an amazing teaching trio. More than anything, I am grateful for the opportunity to teach and learn with my students. 16 hours, 1000 decisions, and a glass of wine later, I am choosing to be grateful. Good night!