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Monday, June 27, 2011

A Chance to Relax

I live for the weekends. More accurately, I am only living because of the weekends. As I have mentioned before, Institute is intense and has a jam-packed schedule. Without the weekend, well really without Saturday, I am pretty sure I would need to be carted off to the loony-bin. Saturday is the one day we really get to enjoy (Friday night is all about decompressing from the week and Sunday is all about preparing for the week ahead).

Saturday is the reminder that there is life outside of Institute and a lesson that we need to have a life outside teaching. I am making progress at both.

Check out my Saturday:


And when I get back to Nashville I have contacts to get involved with the Nashville chapter of the Young Professionals of the American Cancer Society (YPACS). As excited as I am to continue volunteering with ACS,  the opportunity to have connections and friends outside of TFA is even more exciting.

My future roommate and I are also interested in joining a hiking and climbing club. Exploring Nashville is also way up there on my list of things to do. A new "countdown to Nashville" has started..20 days! (How ironic considering today's lesson will be all about counting forward and backwards from 20.)

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