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Monday, July 11, 2011

CH and SH sound unit

My students  have been really struggling with their first digraphs: the SH and CH sounds. This is the plan I created for the week to help them distinguish these sounds from other sounds and from each other. Today was the first day of teaching this unit and I loved the simplicity of it. Below you can find an overview of the unit and then I have linked to some of the resources I used. Many of the resources were borrowed so I cannot put them up until I have permission. Enjoy!

Objective for week: SWBAT spell, decode, and distinguish words with sh and ch digraphs

Materials for the week:
-          M,T,W,TH,F Do now worksheets
-          Picture cards and workmats for SH, CH, and “Other” word sorts
-          Dry erase boards/ markers
-          “Shelly’s Shell Shop” and “Chip the Chimp” from A to Z reader(7 copies)
-          Crayons and pencils
-          Chart paper “mad lib”
-          “Writing” paper for spelling test

-          “Do Now” Trace and Write SH words by the pictures
-          INM: Reintroduce SH
o   Brainstorm SH words
-          GP: Do a picture/ word sort… Which pictures are SH words which pictures are not
-          IP: Circle SH words on a work sheet
o   RW 19, 20 Give “Shelly’s Shell Shop” and have them read it in pairs and when finished color SH words with a crayon
-          “Do Now”  Fill in the sound SH words
-          INM: Reintroduce CH
o   Brainstorm CH words
-          GP: Do a picture/ word sort…which pictures are CH words and which are not
-          IP: Circle CH words on a worksheet
o   RW 19, 20 Give “Chip the Chimp” and have them read it in pairs and when finished color CH words with a crayon
-          “Do Now” Write SH and CH words, underline the SH sounds and Circle the CH sounds
-          INM: Review on Sh and ch while focusing on the difference between the two words.
-          GP: Sort pictures between CH and SH categories
-          IP: Circle the correct sound for each picture

-          “Do Now” Circle SH sounds and CH sounds
-          INM: Review SH and CH and do a quick word sort between the two sounds.
-          GP:  As a class we will write a CH/SH mad lib. I will create a frame for a story and students will volunteer words to put in our story.
-          IP: Students will complete picture sentence pages

-          “Do Now” Read SH and CH picture sentences from yesterday (with blanks filled in). Circle CH sounds and underline SH sounds.
-          INM: Review how to spell and say our sounds with other letters.
-          IP: Spelling test: ash, shop, she, chop, chin

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