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Friday, October 22, 2010

Teach For America...the reason I have been MIA this week

So I have very recently decided that I am going to apply for Teach For America. I have been using every moment of my spare time to create my application materials and learn everything I can about TFA. The more I learn, the more I want to become a corps member.

Here is my favorite video from TFA. It explains why you should get involved and the impact TFA is making in our schools today. Teach For America- Learn More

What I have decided is that I will put my all into this application and the application process. If I am selected, I will give everything I can to the program and my students. If I do not get in, I will still make an impact. I can still work to become an excellent teacher. I will still have an impact on my students and I will still work towards becoming an advocate for educational reform.

Regardless of this program, I am starting to realize the changes that will come before graduation. The more time I spend student-teaching, the more I am ready for them. Applications, resumes, and interview will be my life over the next nine months or so and I am looking forward to the day that can post what comes next.

A quick update on life with the First Grade Froggers: We had a lot of "fun" on our field trip and parent-teacher conferences were this week. Every teacher's favorite things ;)

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  1. Michelle, this is such exciting news! I'm so glad you're applying, and I agree that no matter where you teach, you will make an incredible impact.