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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Say What?

Today was a particularly enjoyable day with the First Grade Froggers. I found myself smiling with them all day. Here are some of my favorite moments:

- I was working with a student and his pencil fell on the floor. I reached down to get it and he said, "No! I'll get it. After all, I am a lobster." (later this same child pointed to a crab on our phonics sheet and announced to his group that it was his cousin...clearly he takes his lobster identity very seriously.)

-Two of my children were paired together in both gym class and math. I don't think they had every played together before and before lunch I overheard this conversation:
A: "Your my husband!"
M: " No, I'm not your husband until recess."
A: "Ohhhh...so then you are my husband?"

- The inevitable conversation about babies and husbands came up today (as it has at least once in every single one of my placements...)This time it somehow became a whole class conversation.
E: "Miss Prinzo doesn't have babies!"
H: "Yeah, she's not married. (looks at me) Your not married."
L: "She's not even a grown up, she can't have babies!"
E: "She is too a grown up"
T: "No, she is a student"
K: "She is a student-grown up"
...and then my mentor teacher and I took over the conversation...

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