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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ready to go back?

My mentor teacher made the comment today that you are never "ready" to go back to school. I know that is the feeling most students have, but I never thought I would experience it as a teacher. I will say the "not ready to go back" feeling is different though, at least for me...

My "not ready to go back" feeling was not because I do not like what I am doing (in fact it is the opposite--I LOVE it!) but it was because I knew there was more I should have done over break. I wish I would have been more motivated to plan more. Sometimes it is hard to plan when you haven't seen how the students will react to something, but I am realizing it is REALLY hard to plan after a full day of school (and class and work and meetings).

It is not that I can't fill up the time in my day, I have plenty of filler work for them to do. It is the well thought out, really experiential planning that takes forever. It is the planning that causes me to run to Kroghetto at 7:30 in the morning, cut "building cookies"game pieces until my hands blister and wrist is swollen, review children's lit until my head spins, and cut a thousand fabric triangles kind of planning and prep that I want to do with my students. Maybe I am too ambitious, but this is how I want my students to learn.

I know the balance will come. I know I will get back into the swing of things, but right now I am just not able to figure out how or when. I am exhausted, but with two days in I am loving internship. More stories, lessons, news, and pictures are in the works, but for now it is time to go to bed!

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