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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Inspiration from the 2011 World Community Conference

This past Saturday I attended a conference at the Cincinnati Zoo. The conference showcased the work of graduate students in the Global Field Program and Advanced Inquiry Programs co-created by Miami University and the Cincinnati Zoo. The conference's intent was to celebrate science, education, conservation, and learning...and I can say it did that and so much more!

While I do not have the time or energy to fully explain what I saw and heard, I did write down and pull from the conference program/materials several key phrases that to me, help define the conference:

  • Inquiry-driven education
  • international partnerships
  • success in the protection and propagation of endangered animals and plants
  • build an alliance
  • community-based learning for the benefit of ecological communities, student achievement, and global understanding
  • authentic dialogue
  • "That's all we can really do--make a difference where we are."
  • time in nature benefits students
  • What more can I do? How can I reach them?
  • Increase inquiry
  • Focus, Purpose, Have a cause.
  • Cultural experience
  • Diverse cohort
  • "We tell students all of the time to make a difference, but you can go all the way from Kindergarten to high school to college without ever practicing making a difference."
  • environmental education
  • Living with people, alongside of them
  • build partnerships with small, grassroots organizations
  • children eat 33% more when lunch is after recess
  • mindfulness in the classroom--give children the opportunity for a positive break
  • Incomparable field experience
  • Inquiry as a lifestyle
For more information:

Can you tell I am inspired?

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