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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Join me and "Click to Give"

Hey everyone,

I spend about 2 minutes every day to  "Click to Give" at the following collection of sites:

I get an email daily from "the literacy site" and it takes me to a webpage in which I can click a button and help give books to children in need. The best part is that it is all free. I click for free and help the organizations I care about. How easy is that? The webpage is set up so their is tabs at the top of the page and by going to any one of these sites will allow me to fight world hunger, breast cancer, support rescued animals, veterans, children's health, literacy, and save the rainforest. It amazes me that MORE people do not click daily!

Each click supports different charities associated with the cause. I want to point out on of the literacy organizations that I will hopefully be able to connect with next year in Nashville called First Book. This program offers support to educators and community program to get books in the hands of children who need it the most. The program has donated over 80 million books to children in need. There are 2 levels of donation from the organization: if 50% of the children in your program come from low-income families, you have access to books 50-90% off of the retail price. If 80% or more of the children in your program come from low-income families, you may be eligible to get books for free!

Have I convinced you yet? I hope so! Ready, set, go click!

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