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Friday, February 4, 2011


This week has been all about mentoring. Instead of the habitual cringe upon hearing the word, I have started to think of it differently. One would think after being a PLC last year and a PL the year before, mentoring would be something more natural for me. It isn't. I suck at it. But, I am getting better...well at least I think I am. At the very least I have a better understanding of what a mentoring relationship should be like.

Why? Because it is mentoring-mania in my life!

(1) My mentor teacher for student teaching: I could not think of a more perfect student teaching placement than I have right now. My mentor teacher is a major part of this. She is AMAZING! She is an excellent teacher, role model, and mentor (in addition to being a wife, mom, coach, friend etc. in the rest of her life)  From day one she has given me everything I needed, but still gives me the chance to try things, to make mistakes, and the freedom I need in the classroom to really learn from my student teaching experience. We have a really good relationship and I have a feeling she might not be able to get rid of me so easily!

(2) TFA: Teach For America has a very strong mentoring structure. I have been welcomed and reached out to so many people I cannot even keep them straight. I had the opportunity to talk to a current Nashville Corps Member who was able to share with me her experiences in the program. I learned a lot from talking to her. She was nice enough to make herself available via phone or email at anytime and even offered me a spot on her apartment flood should I choose to come visit Nashville in the future!

(3) Relay: This past week we selected our new event-chairs-in-training. The three committee members selected are individuals we feel have the passion, dedication, and ability to be future leaders of CAC and Relay. The current event chairs really want to make the ECITs (yay for a new abbreviation in my life) feel welcome and understand what our roles are all about. We have decided to partner up with each ECIT and act as a mentor to them. I might have already scared mine off with excessive emailing... In all seriousness, I really am working hard to make this process happen. This year more than ever before, I can see how important it is. I think it is because of my coming up way too quickly graduation and move that I want to make sure to pass on what I have done so that future leadership can learn from my mistakes and build off of my successes.

Also, CAT through ACS's newly formed East-Central Division has created a mentoring program that links their team members with collegiate Relays. One of my co-chairs is a CAT member and mentor and one of the former XU chairs just reached out to us as a mentor. I love having new ideas and support through this program. Even one quick email has helped spark new ideas and brought back some missing Relay motivation in my life.

Welcome to Mentor-mania. I am sure you will be hearing more about all of these people in the next few months!

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