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Monday, September 17, 2012

Hot Cheetos

Hot Cheetos... add them to the list of weird kid things I don't understand. They can go right after folded paper squares. Seriously, why do kids want these bright red, spicy, worm looking things? 

On Fridays I eat lunch with my table winners. Do you know what we talked about for over half the lunch? You guessed it...Hot Cheetos. One of my students in particular is a Hot Cheetos connoisseur. On Friday he put Hot Cheetos on his hamburger and then bet the other students at the table that he could eat the whole bag without drinking milk. The other students at the table were amazed. I guess I know what I need to do to win my students over... 

In all seriousness, every student has that thing they need to break the ice. This particular student has had two non-academic conversations with me this entire year. Both conversations were about Hot Cheetos. He is a student that kind of gets lost in the shuffle, and I am glad to have something to talk with him about. It is hard to find time in the day to really get to know students, but it is totally worth it. The rest of the day on Friday, this student participated twice as much as usual, and to think, it was all because of some Hot Cheetos.

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