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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekly Behavior Chart

Here is the link to a block-by-block behavior tracker I use with two of my students.  It was recommended by my school's literacy/ instructional coach and has made a huge difference in the behavior of the students I use it with.

These are both students who are very bright, but have a difficult time with my class-wide behavior system. They need more reminders to stay on track and this gives them a fresh-start several times a day. It also gives them the opportunity to earn daily and weekly rewards (neither student had been very successful at earning my weekly treasure chest reward).

The students keep their chart on a clipboard and after each lesson of the day take it out and record a "happy face" which means I needed 1-2 warnings or a "sad face" which means 3 or more warnings. A lot of times I will ask them how they think they did as a way to start a conversation about behavior.

The students each chose their own reward. Both chose a technology reward of 5 minutes on the computer and/or ipad at the end of the day.

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