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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rest In Peace Mr. Lindner

4 years ago the only thing I knew about Mr. Lindner was that he was someone who I assumed was either rich and/or important enough to have multiple buildings at UC named after him. It was annoying really, to be a freshman and have to figure out which Lindner building people are referring to. As I began to make Cincinnati my home, however, the Lindner name began to mean something. It was more than ice cream or a new skyscraper downtown. It was the name of a man and a family who supported our city. Mr. Lindner is what we, in the middle class, hope from every wealthy businessman. Someone who cares about the community in which he lives---someone who cares about the people who live in the community.

Mr. Lindner's generosity was seemingly endless. His contributions to UC and educational endeavors across the city have provided access and enrichment to hundreds of thousands of students. His legacy will continue, and hopefully so many of the lessons that came with his generosity...

“Dear Student,” Lindner wrote, “I have been very blessed in my life. While I wasn't fortunate enough to go to college, you should know that I ‘study" every day of my life. I love to learn and would encourage you to increase your knowledge in every way − every day!”


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