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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Miss Prinzo, I'm learning. yeah?"

I started guided reading last week and I am really enjoying the time I spend with my students. I have some huge challenges ahead of me trying to get my students up to grade-level and guided reading is one of the few times I can provide differentiation and individualized instruction. One of the biggest challenges with my Read reading group (my non-readers) is getting them to understand how letter sounds are blended together to make words. We have been reviewing our district's sound cards each day and I realized last week how dependent my students were on the picture. Many of my lowest students were not even looking at the letters to make the sound. On the suggestion of one of my teammates I covered up the pictures. Today the red group went picture-less. This was a HUGE moment that I had been building excitement about all last week. My students really did a great job. After getting her first sound card (students get to hold the card when they get the sound right) one of my students' goes...

"Miss Prinzo, I'm learning. Yeah?"

After I confirmed that we were infact learning, she told EVERYBODY that that they were learning.

"We're learning. Yeah! You learning! We learning."

Her excitement was contagious... the red group left guided reading with huge smiles because they were learning! Here is to investment being student generated!

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